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Who we are!

ACROZS Education Consultants; we stand for all of your worldwide educational needs, from making decisions to getting to the appropriate nations. ACROZS Education Consultants is your one-stop shop. We at ACROZS represent reputable international universities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA. If you're interested in studying abroad, we can set you up with top-tier institutions. Your decision to study overseas is significant so we can help you every step of the way. We are more than just a visa broker. We provide comprehensive help for studying abroad. We can help you find scholarships and other facilities to help you pursue your studies confidently. As an international education consultancy, we support your move to your chosen country with all the knowledge you learn. In addition, we are a reputable virtual international education provider.

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We offer all the services you need to study abroad.

Scholarship Guidance

Is applying for Scholarships to study abroad very tricky? Not anymore! We can help you find the right scholarship among the many for the course of your choice and provide proper guidance to ensure to receive them.

Educational Counselling

Bothered on selecting your ideal degree program? Wondering which college/ university will be your ideal? Our consultants are the best when it comes to guidance and counselling for studying abroad.

Visa Process

We know that applying for a foreign university can be tedious and nervous, and that is what we were good at ACROZS has got you covered, as we can help you ease your international university application process without worry!

Why Choose Us!

Even after a spot at the chosen educational institution is offered, we continue to advise the students. We help students obtain all the necessary services for international travel while they are residing abroad. For example, we can mediate in matters involving health insurance, guide to apply for part-time jobs, providing support for housing, opening a bank account, picking them up from the airport, getting a SIM card, etc.

We arrange pre-departure orientations that cover subjects including student life in his new home country. Suggest adjusting to the new cultural norms and strategies for coping with homesickness.

When the students move into their new cities, we also hold welcome events where they may run into current and former foreign students from around the world.


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